Start Your Law Career with a Paralegal Studies Certificate

Start Your Law Career with a Paralegal Studies Certificate

A paralegal studies certificate could be your entry point into the fast-paced world of law. Prepare to conquer the court system by enrolling in Florida National University’s online paralegal program.

A Paralegal Studies Certificate is Just the Beginning

Students in FNU’s online paralegal associate degree have their careers in their hands. Use this degree to pursue higher education in law or enter the workforce as a paralegal.

Requirements for the Online Paralegal Associate Degree

FNU Online’s 60-hour paralegal studies degree combines general education and law-specified courses. General education courses give students a well-rounded understanding of the world outside of law and are transferrable to a bachelor’s program. Students are required to take 39 hours of general education courses, including:

  • English: Want to craft winning arguments? Come to composition classes and practice grammar and rhetoric. Strike the right tone and win your classmates and the courtroom.
  • Computer Skills: The best paralegal programs need a sprinkle of computer literacy. Professionals use computers to schedule, research and contact clients.
  • Behavioral/Social Sciences: Want to understand clients? Courses in psychology and sociology are a powerful microscope that analyzes motivations and behaviors.

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The paralegal certificate online program goes beyond general education and teaches students the ropes of legal studies. The 12 credit core program gives students the understanding needed to navigate the world of law. Paralegal studies requirements include:

  • Legal Research and Writing: Take the lessons learned in English Composition to the next level. Translate complicated legal language and write clear notes that are easy for coworkers and clients to understand.
  • Professional Ethics and Liability: Paralegal programs introduce students to the complex questions that they’ll come across every day in their careers. Ethics is key to developing client trust and keeping their information safe.
  • Introduction to Civil Procedure: It’d be unfair for a paralegal certificate program to thrust their students into the legal profession without teaching proper etiquette. This course ensures that students will avoid breaking court procedures.

The program is rounded up with nine elective courses. Students can tailor their courses based on what field of law they want to pursue.

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Benefits of Earning a Paralegal Certificate Online

Paralegals are valued members of a legal team. Their management skills and research skills streamline legal proceedings.

Many legal offices require certification. An associate degree in paralegal studies shows that potential employees have the legal background to do their tasks efficiently.

Worried about time and budget? FNU’s paralegal studies online are flexible to the student’s schedule. Balance work and study through the accessible online program.

Your Future Starts with a Paralegal Studies Degree

Florida National University wants students to succeed. That’s why FNU offers online programs that can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

Paralegal jobs are growing and stable. Enter the workforce with legal knowledge and confidence.

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