Benefits Of A Legal Studies Degree

Benefits Of A Legal Studies Degree

Did you know law is one of the oldest and most popular disciplines in the world? Not only is a legal studies degree highly regarded, but it also offers excellent career opportunities. Despite common beliefs, the law is not restricted to lawyers in a courtroom – it affects all aspects of society. From international relations to the protection of life and liberty, a legal studies degree from Florida National University is the pathway to your dream career.


Benefits of a Legal Studies Degree

If you are considering a legal studies degree, here are some of the benefits:

In-depth knowledge of the law

A legal studies degree is designed to cover many areas of the law you may need to know in extensive detail. It offers an in-depth study of the fundamentals of the legal system. Whether it is media law or medical law, a legal studies degree also covers specialized areas of study.

Acquire transferable skills

After studying for a legal studies degree, you are not bound to pursue a specific career in law. This degree equips students with many transferable skills that can be utilized in other professions. Some of the valuable skills you may acquire that can be used in an alternative career include:

  • Critical analysis using primary sources.
  • Research through analysis of case studies.
  • Presentations via mooting.

Development of self-confidence

Studying for a legal studies degree is an empowering experience. Students often work in groups and participate in discussions and debates that create an environment that nurtures confidence and self-esteem.

An intellectual challenge

A legal studies degree is an ideal academic path for people who enjoy solving difficult challenges and complex problems. It involves dealing with moral, ethical and philosophical dilemmas. Some answers are straightforward, while others are not as obvious, necessitating a broad knowledge base offered in legal studies.

Financial stability

Legal professions remain some of the most well-paid and in-demand jobs available. With the ever-increasing need for lawyers, a legal studies degree offers job security and financial stability.

Large professional opportunities

Besides being a lawyer, a legal studies degree prepares you for careers in politics, media, social work, academia and commerce. Law is applicable in many functions of society and it can take you anywhere.

What are the different fields legal studies degree holders can enter?

Law is embedded in every facet of the modern world. This makes a legal studies degree a strong foundation for a career in many fields. Here are some excellent career options outside legal work that benefit from legal studies:

Politics: Politics requires knowledge of legal processes and systems. Politicians need to be adept in matters of the law to increase their awareness of the application and interpretation of policies.

Journalism: Journalism involves using facts and figures to tell a compelling story. A typical law student spends hours digging through research and reading, which offers transferable journalism skills.

Activism: Are you passionate about fighting for the good of others and a cause you believe in? A legal studies degree offers legal knowledge that may empower your cause and passion for good.

Finance: If numbers are your game, a job in finance may well suit you. The combination of knowledge in law and finance can lead to a successful career in investment banking, private equity, venture capital and hedge funds, among others.

A legal studies degree can set you on a path to a fulfilling career without limits. At Florida National University, we offer you an excellent opportunity to explore legal studies. Get in touch with us today at 305-821-3333 for more information about our Legal Studies program.


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