Bachelor of Science in Psychology

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Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Program Overview

Are you interested in what makes people tick? If you’re seeking to understand human behavior and mental processes, psychology is a fascinating area of study. The bachelor of science in psychology program at FNU can help you prepare for a number of careers in which it’s important to understand how people think.

Learning Outcomes

This 120 credit hour Bachelor of Science in Psychology program is intended to provide you with a thorough understanding of modern psychology. You’ll study a number of important subjects like addiction counseling, cognitive processes and the psychology of gender as you learn to integrate and apply this knowledge to meet your career goals.


Credit HoursCourse CodeCourse Name
3ENC 1101English Composition I*
3ENC 1102English Composition II*
3SPC 1017Fundamentals of Oral Communication
3ENC 3311Advanced Research Writing

Humanities (6 Credits)

Behavioral/Social Science (6 Credits)

Credit HoursCourse CodeCourse Name
3DEP 2004Human Growth and Development
3PSY 1012General Psychology

Natural Science (7 Credits Includes 1 Lab)

Credit HoursCourse CodeCourse Name
3BSC 1010General Biology
1BSC 1010 LGeneral Biology Lab
3BSC 1081Basic Anatomy & Physiology

Mathematics (7 Credits)

Credit HoursCourse CodeCourse Name
3MAC 1105College Algebra I*
4STA 2014Introduction to Statistics*

Computers (4 Credits)

Credit HoursCourse CodeCourse Name
3CGS 1030Introduction to Information Technology
1SLS 1501College Study Skills

Credit HoursCourse CodeCourse Name
3CLP 3143Abnormal Psychology
3CLP 3302Foundations of Clinical Psychology
3CLP 4414Behavior Modification
3DEP 3103Psychology of Childhood
3DEP 3305Adolescent Psychology
3DEP 3404Psychology of Aging
3EXP 3604Cognitive Processes
3PPE 3003Psychology of Personality
3PSB 3002Biological Basis of Behavior
3PSY 3213Psychological Research Methods
3PSY 4049Capstone Course
3PSY 4604History and Theories of Psychology
3SOP 3004Social Psychology
3SOP 3723Cross-cultural Issues in Psychology
3SOP 4702Psychology and Gender

Credit HoursCourse CodeCourse Name
3CCJ 2002Juvenile Delinquency
3CJL 2821Psychology Applied to Law
3CJE 3721Forensic Psychology
3CLP 2620Ethics in Psychology and Health
3CLP 4314Psychology of Health and Illness
3CLP 4433Psychological Tests and Measurements
3DEP 3202Psychology of Exceptional Children
3EXP 3404Psychology of Learning
3HSC 3143Substance Abuse Prevention
3INP 4004Industrial/Organizational Psychology
3PCO 4004Foundations of Counseling
3STA 2122Statistics for the Behavioral Science
3SYG 2000Principles of Sociology
3SYG 2430Marriage and the Family

Addiction Studies Concentration (33 Credits)

Credit HoursCourse CodeCourse Name
3HSC 3143Substance Abuse Prevention
3HUS 2421Assessment and Treatment Planning in Addiction
3HUS 3105Introduction to Human Services
3HUS 3429Addiction Counseling
3HUS 3455Dual Diagnosis and Substance Abuse
3HUS 3465Relapse Prevention
3HUS 4321Case Management Problem Solving
3HUS 4407Substance Abuse and Aging
3HUS 4442Substance Abuse and the Family
3PCO 4242Introduction to Group Counseling
3PSB 4444Psychopharmacology

Mental Health Concentration (33 Credits)

Credit HoursCourse CodeCourse Name
3CLP 4184Mental Health-Stress Management
3CLP 4314Psychology of Health and Illness
3CLP 4414Behavior Modification
3DEP 4220Autism Spectrum Disorders
3HSA 3412Cultural Diversity in Health Care
3HUS 3105Introduction to Human Services
3HUS 3302Basic Counseling Skills
3INP 4391Human Relations
2NUR 4516Crisis Intervention
3PCO 3313Assessment in Counseling
3SOW 3350Interviewing and Documentation
  • *This course has prerequisites; check course descriptions.
  • The Addiction Studies and Mental Health concentrations can also be taken as standalone certificates as part of our certificate offerings for those interested in earning only a certificate in Addiction Studies and/or Mental Health.
  • All Credit Courses from within this division or any other division can be used as Suggested Electives.
  • A total of up to 60 credits may be transferred from the General Education and/or Elective courses taken during a degree program. FNU reserves the right to transfer the appropriate courses.