Six Jobs In Marketing For Degree Holders

Six Jobs In Marketing For Degree Holders

Interested in the marketing and sales world? Do you have a passion for marketing to groups of people through social media, traditional media or online ads? Marketing and sales may be a great career path for you, but you might be asking, “What kind of jobs can I pursue with a marketing degree?”

Here are six types of jobs available for people who major in marketing and sales, besides being a sales manager.


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Market Research Analyst

Market research is the cornerstone of almost any company or product. Who wants your product? What markets will it serve? These are questions market research analysts often ask their clients to help them find out who their consumer is and how to market to them. Even after a product or service is launched, research is vital. This could include writing and distributing surveys, conducting focus groups, analyzing data, and more.

Media Planner

Media planners can work in large or small companies helping teams make decisions about media and campaigns. Media planners help their clients identify which platforms are best for marketing communications (advertising, promotions, direct marketing) to their target audience.

Marketing Specialist

A career as a marketing specialist can be very broad. Usually, you will work for a marketing, advertising, or public relations agency, or on a company’s marketing team. You can help create internal and external communications, ads, social media content, and much more. You will often act as a bridge between the company and their customers or clients.

Social Media Coordinator

According to HootSuite, more than 60% of people in the world use social media. Social media coordinators help companies stay up to date with the latest and greatest opportunities online. Jobs in social media will allow you to create content, manage online communities and more. This is the perfect job for a social media lover who is obsessed with the latest trends.


Advertising is a popular industry for those with marketing degrees. You can work in an agency or on the advertising team for a small company or large corporation. You could even get the opportunity to design and create ads if designing is one of your passions.

Public Relations

Like advertising, a degree in marketing can open the door to public relations. Public relations is part of marketing in that it’s how a company communicates personally with their clients or potential clients.

Public relations can include traditional campaigns, guerilla marketing, and social media marketing. If you have a lot of ideas outside of the constraints of traditional marketing, public relations might be the place for you.

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