Seven Jobs for Psychology Majors

Seven Jobs for Psychology Majors

A psychology degree is a great starting point for a rewarding and lucrative career. The degree often involves studying the human mind and human behavior to explore how it functions, understand cognitive development and treat mental health issues. The knowledge gained in a psychology program can help you get started in a variety of careers. FNU offers a Bachelor of Science in Psychology that equips you with fundamental and flexible skill sets that can be applied in several fields and industries.

The most common jobs available with a psychology degree are:

Clinical Psychologist

A clinical psychologist is a premier career one can land after a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Students must embark on postgraduate training to meet the degree requirements for this career, in some cases, a medical degree may be required.

The job involves working with patients and clients from all backgrounds to analyze behaviors, thoughts, and emotions to address psychological issues and treatment methods. A clinical psychologist’s median salary nationally, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), at $82,180. The compensation may increase depending on the specialization.

Social Worker

A social worker works with members of the community who are undergoing a trying time in their lives, for example, the elderly, who have been through crime or abuse, or children and adults with disabilities. The social worker works with schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and government agencies. In 2020, nationally this career came with an average salary of $57,807 annually, with the salary increasing with the level of experience. The job is often so fulfilling that the salary feels like a bonus for helping the community.


A psychotherapist helps clients overcome psychological issues such as addiction, emotional or relationship issues. Tools such as cognitive-behavioral methods, psychoanalytic and psychodynamic therapies are often used to analyze patient issues. The average salary for a psychotherapist is $62,841 per year.


Understanding the human mind, emotions, and behavior is a valuable tool in helping people come to terms with their experiences and emotions. This career involves actively listening to your clients and analyzing the issues to help clients make the best choices. The salary can vary greatly in this field, but it ranges between $68,768 and $86,084, with salaries depending on the additional certification, skills, and number of years on the jo

Psychology Researcher

The field of psychology is complex, with various gaps in the body of knowledge within the field to discover new information to understand concepts further. Psychology researchers work within universities, public and private research agencies to study psychological phenomena and draw insights. Their work may impact new treatments and even government policies. Some of the researchers may also double as professors, especially at universities. Typically, this career requires advanced study to the Master’s or Doctoral level.

Sport and Exercise Psychologist

The role of this professional is to study behaviors, mental processes, and the well-being of individuals, teams, and organizations involved in sports. Psychologists in this field may suggest activities, exercises and ways of improving mental performance for better results on the sports field.

Media and Advertising Careers

While it might not be obvious what is required in media and advertising, it takes a good knowledge of the market idiosyncrasies to make an impact. Psychologists in this field help assess the power of messaging to make it more effective.

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