What Is Industrial And Organizational Psychology?

What Is Industrial And Organizational Psychology?

Industrial and organizational psychology, also referred to as I/O Psychology, is a scientific discipline that seeks to define psychological principles and theories in a workplace or organization. It involves an in-depth study of human and organizational behaviors in a particular work environment. The knowledge obtained from this study helps provide customized solutions to problems that may arise in the workplace.

Professionals in this career must take into consideration many variables to ensure that their organization operates optimally. Factors like process evaluation, conflict resolution, effective communication and efficient management are some aspects to consider when fulfilling their duties.

Through extensive knowledge of human behaviors, industrial-organizational psychologists can address a plethora of issues within an organization. By integrating quantitative research and evaluation, they are the go-to professionals to bolster better relationships amongst employees, as well as helping employees achieve organizational goals together.

Some of the methods of research are observation or surveys. In the observance process, industrial-organizational psychologists analyze employees’ interactions by documenting how teams or an individual performs in a specific workplace environment.

Conducting a survey could mean collecting data from the employees and using it to identify issues that impact workplace behavior and provide potential solutions.

The research gathered targets certain processes such as improving screening techniques for new job applicants, increasing workplace productivity, enhancing workplace quality or solving work-related issues.

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How can you Build a Career in Industrial-Organizational Psychology?

If you want to become a professional in the field of industrial-organizational psychology, you must first consider pursuing a bachelor’s degree in psychology or a related field. While pursuing the degree it’s vital to gain real world experience, and at Florida National University, we’ve tailored our courses to help you achieve these goals.

Florida National University offers an online Master’s Degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology that provides students with the professional education needed to function at the highest level in a variety of management settings where human behavior is evaluated.

What Courses are you expected to take before Graduating?

At FNU, we’ve created a well-tailored curriculum to help our students become top-notch professionals in the world of I/O psychology. Some of the core classes involve:

  • Group Dynamic – Entails the study of social processes that arise in groups and how they affect an organization or an individual’s behavior.
  • Comprehending Behavioral Research – Bolsters the student’s knowledge in different research methods and their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Human Resource Management – Equips the student with skills employed in management of human resources and informs them on how it affects employees and workplace productivity.
  • Conflict Management – Provides the student with both practical and theoretical skills of disputes management in an organization for better cooperation.
  • Research Methodology – Provides the student with research techniques that will help them implement their services throughout their career.
  • Recruitment, Selection and Placement – Teaches the best strategies and techniques involved in recruiting and vetting viable candidates for job positions. The student learns to place employees in work positions that suits their skills.
  • Work Motivation– Students discover motivation strategies that are tailored to improve productivity in an organization by creating positive work attitudes.

FNU: Your True Industrial and Organizational Psychology Partner

If you’re looking for a higher education institution that offers a great Industrial and Organizational Psychology Program, FNU should be your top choice.

Our professors have real-world experience, we offer online, and on-campus courses, scholarships and career services. Financial aid is available for those who qualify. FNU is fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission.

To learn more about FNU’s Online Industrial and Organizational Psychology program, request information from our website or call us at 305-821-3333.


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